Nom nom nom! 

Let's not even pretend to shy about this, because off the record, most of us would admit it out loud.  You love your significant other, but there comes a time were doing a certain thing with them is no longer fun.  When I tell you that I'm marrying a man who was born and raised in Cleveland, can understand why I'm making it a point to not be around him during the remaining NBA Finals games.  He's been, well...very emotional this year.  That's why I went to watch last night's Cavs game at the RAM with some of my friends after we wrapped up celebrating Global Running Day at Julia Davis Park.

After the Cavs fell to 3-0 in the series, I get home to find Nate sitting cross armed and pouting on the sofa.  The first thing he says to me? "Well, at least you get your tacos now." I tried so hard not to laugh at him, because he's not wrong!

Taco Bell brought back it's "Steal a Game, Steal a Taco" promotion for 2018.  That means if a team steals a game on the road during the NBA finals, every single person in the Gem State gets a FREE Doritos Locos taco.  Since the Golden State Warriors did exactly that with their win over the Cavs in Cleveland, that means you can head into any Treasure Valley Taco Bell location on Wednesday, June 13 between 2-6 p.m. for your FREE taco.  No purchase necessary.

...I'll be getting mine, but shhh. Don't tell my fiance! Find the Taco Bell location closest to your office or home HERE.

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