Here in the Treasure Valley, we love Mexican food and margaritas.

And we’re not just speaking for ourselves – although we do, too! 

But this is clearly evident by the amount of convenient and authentic taco trucks we have scattered all throughout the valley, as well as the number of Mexican restaurants that are absolutely to die for.



So, if you didn’t already know, this Sunday is kiiiiiiiind of a big deal.

Why is that, you might ask?

July 24 is officially National Tequila Day, and you can bet your bottom that you already know what we’re going to be doing all day Sunday!

*Eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas, if you couldn’t already guess. 


What kind of tequilas do Idahoans love?

In light of the upcoming holiday, a recent study came out that analyzed what each state’s favorite or most popular tequila is.

Apparently Idaho was one of 29 states whose favorite tequila is Don Julio.

Does that also happen to be your go-to tequila??

We’ll admit, our personal favorite is probably Casamigos, but hey, we’ll never turn down a shot of tequila either way.


But where should we go?

With so many delicious options in the Treasure Valley, it may be hard to determine exactly where you should go this upcoming weekend…

However, listed below we have the most highly recommended restaurants in the Boise area by locals, for both Mexican food and margaritas.

And we also included the ultimate taco guide for here in the Treasure Valley, in case you decide to make a whole day of it!


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