I don’t mean to be dramatic, but the stars have aligned.

Today is National Margarita Day AND Taco Tuesday… AND today’s date is 2-22-22. It’s literally a TWOsday. Shut the front door.


I don’t know how superstitious I am, but this seems like a sign if I ever did see one!

So call an Uber, grab your coat and head out the door, because we have places to be today. Tequila and Mexican food are calling our names!


So, where should we head on this beautiful (albeit, chilly) day? 

We asked Idahoans where their favorite places are to get margaritas in the Treasure Valley, and they did not disappoint. 


Whether you plan to hop around and hit multiple places, or you’re going to saddle up to one of these restaurants and stay for the long haul, buckle up.

Today is about to be awesome.

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