Raise your hand if you need a drink after dashing through the snow to get to work this morning? While we don't normally encourage day drinking on a work day, we're giving you a pass today.  It's National Margarita Day!

If you're like me, when you think of a place to grab a margarita your mind immediately wanders to restaurants with a Mexican flair to them: Chili's, Cafe Ole, Jalapeno's or Matador. I've enjoyed a margarita at each of those places and trust me, I've never been disappointed...but according to Yelp, they're not the top margarita destinations in Boise!

You may be surprised by what users chose as the best places in Boise to get a margarita!

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    276 W Bobwhite Ct

    Apparently I've been doing Barbacoa wrong all these years! On a normal visit I'm either ordering a glass of red wine with dinner or a mojito to enjoy with my guacamole at the rooftop Luna Bar.  According to Yelp users, I've been missing out on some seriously delicious margaritas all these years.

    Their classic margaritas come in strawberry, mango, raspberry, passion fruit or pomegranate but it's their "Heat" margarita that really steals the show.  A twist on the original, this margarita blends together the flavors of fresh cilantro, Serrano peppers and lime with Altos Resposado Tequila and fresh orange.

    Take advantage of their "buy one, get one" happy hour and enjoy two this afternoon!

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    Bittercreek Alehouse

    246 N 8th St, Boise

    As the name suggests, Bittercreek's usually known for their great selection of craft beer on tap, but Yelp users say you must try a margarita while you're there. According to Amber C. from Meridian "The Polecat" margarita is a must.  It's light, not too sweet and finished with a bit of cinnamon.

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    981 W Grove, Boise

    While their "Ten Minute Martini" is probably the most well known drink, the bar at Chandlers is apparently Boise's best kept secret when it comes to enjoying a good margarita! Customers enjoy their classic margarita mad with Lunazul Resposado Blue Agave Tequila, but say if you're in a position to splurge you should spring for the Cadillac Margarita.  The $14 margarita is made with Patron, salted rim and Grand Marnier.

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    Press & Pony

    622 W Idaho St, Boise

    I've still yet to be here! When the weather started to warm up a few years ago, my guy and I did a day drinking tour of patios in Boise.  To our dismay, Press & Pony is closed on Sundays...luckily that doesn't affect your National Margarita Day! They're open 4 p.m.-12 a.m. Monday-Saturday and while their margaritas are pretty basic, Yelp users say that the specialty cocktail bar does 'em right.

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    211 N 8th St, Boise

    Update: We've been told by our listener's that Juniper removed this one from their menu, but it was good...really good! It's still worth stopping by the restaurant to check out their other AWESOME cocktails!

    Juniper's traditionally known for their gin selection, but that doesn't mean they're scared of getting creative with this tequila based classic.  According to some Yelp users, not only will Juniper's Red Beet Margarita will knock your socks off...it's the best margarita in the Treasure Valley!

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