After a couple of months of trying and once getting close, I finally feel like I hit the jackpot when I was chosen to be a virtual fan. I have wanted to be a virtual fan for the NBA Playoffs to no avail. I tried to be a virtual fan for WWE, and I got close, but still, nothing. All of my trying and learning about virtual fandom finally came together tonight, when I was able to be one of the faces in the crowd on WWE's Monday Night RAW.

Last time, I was selected and was sent a link via email, and after sitting for nearly three hours, I never got in. This time, I got right in! Here's what it's like to be a virtual sports fan:

There's no guarantee that you'll be seen on TV. If the lighting where you are isn't right, you probably won't be put in a place where you can be seen. If you are passively watching the event, they will probably put you in the nose bleed section. If you're dressed appropriately, using respectful language, and, most importantly, animated, you will be placed on TV.

I honestly felt a little stress to keep myself animated enough to make them want to get me in a good spot. The first time I saw myself, I didn't know how to react. Then, the next time, I knew exactly how to react: over the top excitement!

I couldn't wait to share my news of being on National TV with my friends and family. The first person I told did not care! Mostly because it was wrestling, and he doesn't think that's a thing. I told my dad, and he seemed very happy for me, but he is my dad.

At the end of the day, I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait to try to get back into the WWE Thunderdome.

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