Do you hate when your significant other asks where you want to go for dinner and then immediately shoots down your idea? Bookmark this list for the next time that happens and you're spinning your wheels for a new idea! 

It drives me NUTS when my husband does this to me, because it's often on an evening where both of us have worked late and are just too wiped out to cook. I always default to the two restaurants (The Refuge or Old Chicago) where I feel can comfortable at without having to change clothes and doll myself back up. He'll tell me to pick somewhere else "because we always go there" and I just stare at him blankly because work has literally sucked every ounce of creativity out of me for the day. I don't want to make anymore decisions!

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That's why we want to come to your rescue and make it easy for you to turn your brain off. We put this list together with a little help from our listeners who took on the challenge of helping us work our way through the alphabet* by answering the question "What's a restaurant in the Treasure Valley you have to eat at at least once?" Simply pick a letter of the alphabet, scroll to down and go to that restaurant.  Problem solved!

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If 26 ideas aren't enough for you, download our app and click "Boise Eats" for dining guides we've put together over the past year! We've got everything from the most underrated restaurants, to the top rated restaurants and most visited restaurants in the Treasure Valley waiting for you there!

We had to get a little creative with the letter X. If you're actually aware of a restaurant that starts with the letter X, let us know!

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