According to the U.S. Census data, Idaho has become the fastest growing state in America, with a 2.9% growth rate between 2020 and 2021 alone. 

However, this is not brand new information for those of us that have lived here for longer than a few years.



We don’t need official numbers to tell us that our state is rapidly growing, because we can see that for ourselves with the rising amount of congestion on the roads and traffic accidents, the feverish frequency of construction, and of course, the abysmal housing market. 

The influx of people and prices has been disconcerting, to say the least, and it leaves Idahoans wondering: how can they afford the stay in the state that they love?


As someone who obviously waited too long to become a homeowner, I can attest to the despair and hopelessness I feel when I get the sinking realization that perhaps I can’t afford to live in the Treasure Valley anymore, which is where I’ve grown up.

I don’t want to admit it, but I’m not sure if the housing market in Boise will ever become affordable again, especially for the average working American, who finds themselves in the lower end of the middle class. 


So, what are our options? 

According to Niche, these are the top 10 towns in the Boise area that have the lowest cost of living in 2022.

Basically, they’re the most affordable suburbs in the area that are perfect for new homebuyers and families, or for people who are sick of paying an arm and a leg to live in their hometown.

Options Are Limited: 10 Most Affordable Towns in the Boise Area

With Idaho's housing market skyrocketing, where are we to go?

As you can see...

Two of these locations are actually in Oregon, on the Oregon/Idaho border.

All of these towns are just a short drive to Boise, but it's absolutely wild that the top 10 list of affordable suburbs in the Boise area, aren't even in Idaho at all.

These are all great alternatives, but it will be fascinating to see what the future holds for our not-so-little-anymore Treasure Valley.

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