I just got off the line with Credco, a third party that gets credit scores to lenders and found out we can't get our true credit score at all. Only a mortgage or credit company can get the scores.

What! You got to be kidding me. It's our information and the industry is keeping it secret. Then he told me they all have different models and no two are the same. This has to be the most idiotic industry ever.  We have credit scores that range from 0 (You have no credit) to 850 (Credit Gold), there are different programs and none of them score you the same.  That would be like football being scored the regular way by the announcers, by tennis scoring from the ref's, by basketball scoring by one team, by golf scoring by the other team, and it's all kept secret until the commissioner releases it.

In this day and age of information overload, we are having information we need being hidden from us. It's time to tear the whole thing down and put it back together under one standard. I'm just tired of feeling like a pawn in my own life.

We need to start with our legislature and make it so we have one, transparent model that can be used in the state, not all these super secret ones that nobody can ever see. If anyone has a connection to the statehouse, have them at least look at these posts.  I would love to talk to them and share what all I've uncovered, because it is a great big mess and we the people/consumer are being taken for a ride on it.

Kevin Mee

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