More Information On Your Credit Scores
I just got off the line with Credco, a third party that gets credit scores to lenders and found out we can't get our true credit score at all. Only a mortgage or credit company can get the scores.
What! You got to be kidding me. It's our information and the industry is keeping it secret...
It Looks Like a Great Big Scam
So I was mad at Experian for the stupidly low credit score they gave us that cost us a refinance on our mortgage and I went on a bit of a rant yesterday, but then I started digging deeper and found a great big SCAM.
I'm Picking A Fight For Idahoans
Brenda and I have been working to get our credit repaired over the last few years. It's taken quite a beating, especially losing our jobs out of the blue a few years ago. During this time we've been trying to refinance our home and keep coming up against brick walls...
Kevin out at Mountain America CU in Meridian
Kevin Mee was out at Mountain America Credit Union showing off how if you start a new account, and setup direct deposit, they GIVE you $100! Also the crazy low interest rates for first time home buyers. Not to mention passing out Boise Music Festival Tickets...