Brenda and I have been working to get our credit repaired over the last few years. It's taken quite a beating, especially losing our jobs out of the blue a few years ago. During this time we've been trying to refinance our home and keep coming up against brick walls.   We can't do the HARP program, because we signed our mortgage 19 days late and heaven forbid the mortgage companies do anything outside what the government makes them do. So we have two mortgages one at nearly 6% and the other just under 8%.

After working on getting our debt down and credit in better shape we got our TransUnion and Equifax scores and both of them were way up, making it possible to finally get the refinance done. But there was one problem, EXPERIAN's scores came out over 60 points under the other reporting agencies.  Because of EXPERIAN, we were denied a loan again.

I could see if EXPERIAN were maybe 5 to 10 points different, but more than 60, that's ridiculous.  EXPERIAN, is not only keeping us from saving over $1,800 a month, but if they are doing that to other Idahoans, they are keeping them from home ownership or a better interest rate on a car or other item.  Think of the last time you went in for a special interest rate and were denied because of your credit rating, odds are EXPERIAN is to blame.

I believe it's time for us to stand up for our rights. Because of EXPERIAN's erroneous reporting, everyone in Idaho is being hurt. You could have another 60 plus points added to your credit score if EXPERIAN were in line with the other agencies.

Today I'm filing a complaint with our Attorney General over EXPERIAN's practices, they need changed. They need changed for everyone, not just the ones with good credit, but the ones who are on the edge and could have their own home, a home for their children with a proper credit score, not the ridiculous ones from EXPERIAN.

If you've been denied credit because of a low score, click on this link, go to the bottom and file a complaint. Take a stand today, it's your right to have a home, it's your right to have a better car loan, furniture, appliance even rate for a TV.  If you've been denied credit or had to go with a higher interest rate because of your credit score from EXPERIAN, click on the link above. Let's take a stand against being abused by EXPERIAN, file your complaint today, it's free and it's your right.

Kevin Mee

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