We're so lucky to have an incredible friendship with our friends at the College of Western Idaho. Over the past few years, we were able to help moms Tesa and Nicole pursue their dream careers by granting them each a full year's scholarship to CWI.

Last week, I read the results of a new survey asking adults about their quarantine plans. 60% of the respondents said they were planning on or had already started working on reaching some sort of self-improvement goal. One of the most popular goals among respondents was enrolling in college courses. When you consider how many of people had their jobs negatively impacted by COVID-19, we're not overly surprised that many started thinking about a potential "Plan B" or about going back to school so they could succeed in a career that would provide some extra security for their families in the future.

YOU actually may be one of those folks thinking about college but have some doubts. Am I too old to go to college? Is it possible to balance my duties as a mom with a load of college courses? What will my kids think of me if I fail?

Trust us when we say that you are NOT alone having those doubts. Our past Mom's Next Move winners and other students we talked to while spending time at CWI over the years had the same fears, but took the plunge anyway. They've shared their personal experiences with us. They've told us how the staff at CWI has made managing it all easier than they anticipated and how supportive the school has been when they needed a little extra help.

Image via Tehani Schnupp

Trust us when we say if going back to school is your dream, YOU CAN DO THIS! And we've brought in a new friend to be your biggest cheerleader! Over the next few weeks,  you're going to see some guest blogs from Tehani Schnupp, a mom of five, who went from where you are now to pursuing a marketing associates degree, media arts degree and two other certifications! She's still managing her large family, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and is on course to graduate on time.

Once we wrap our series with Tehani, we'll open submissions for Mom's Next Move 2020 and give you the same opportunity we gave Tesa and Nicole - to win a full year's scholarship to get started at the College of Western Idaho! She'll share the emotions she felt making the decision to go back to school and choosing CWI, how she successfully achieved balance with her family and school lives and what it's been like moving into the world of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the bottom of each of Tehani's blogs, we'll leave a box where you can ask her YOUR questions about her college experience at CWI and we'll have her give you the raw and real answers!

Image via Tehani Schnupp

You can click HERE to read Tehani's story about taking the leap into this chapter of her college education.

The search for this year's Mom's Next Move scholarship begins May 4!

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