A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the results of a new survey asking adults about their quarantine plans. 60% of respondents said they were planning on or had already started working toward reaching a major self-improvement goal.

One of the most popular goals listed in the survey's results was enrolling in college courses. When you consider how many people have had their jobs negatively impacted by COVID-19, we're not overly surprised that people are thinking about going back to school to pursue a dream career that may give their family a little bit more stability as we navigate an uncertain time.

In fact YOU may be one of those folks thinking about college, but there's something holding you back. That list of worries may look something like this:

  • I've been a stay at home mom for years, I don't know if I'd be successful getting back into a classroom.
  • Taking classes will take time away from my children.
  • I'm too old to go back to school.  My kids understand today's technology more than I do.
  • Our family doesn't have enough money for me to be able to afford school.
Image via Tehani Schnupp

Over the last few weeks, we've shared the story of College of Western Idaho student, Tehani's journey from making the decision to go back to school even though she has five kids to look after to how she's successfully managing school and being a mom to what it's been like adapting to new technology at CWI during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tehani had many of those same doubts you did and surprised herself after enrolling in classes at CWI. When she began her journey, she never thought she'd be pursuing TWO degrees and two additional certificates, while maintaining at 4.0 GPA. She shared that a lot of her success has to do with how flexible things are at CWI. They offer a great mix of classes like online, hybrid classes that only meet on campus once a week and night classes that allow her to present as a mom while pursuing her dreams. She feels like they've empowered her to pursue her dreams!

If reading her story has convinced you to shred that list of reasons why you think you CAN'T go back to school, you picked the best time to do it! We're teaming up with our friends from the College of Western Idaho to help one mom take that next step toward going back to school with a full year's scholarship to CWI!

Ashley Smith, CWI

We're excited to offer this opportunity again this year! In 2018, we offered the scholarship to Tesa Christensen who dreamed of becoming a medical assistant. She recently told us that she's about to graduate with her technical certificate and associates degree after two years in the certified medical assisting program. Tesa went on to say applying for Mom's Next Move was the best thing she'd ever tried to do for herself.

Last year, we offered the scholarship to Nicole Widner to help make the transition from working in one of St. Luke's financial departments to becoming a nurse. She wanted to follow in her late mom's footsteps.

Ready to make 2020 YOUR year and take that leap of faith? Do it now, because you could've been finished with your program in the time you spent thinking about it! Start writing that next chapter by giving yourself a chance to be considered for the scholarship through the form below.