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I saw this ad in the "Missed Connections" sections on Monday.  Usually the site is full of either people too shy to actually say anything to someone of the opposite sex or pervs. But in this case it was something different. I pasted it to this post since the person who posted it, gives permission in the "Missed Connection."

Witness to a Car Accident - m4w (Boise Bench)

Please Help!
Looking for a witness to a car accident that occurred on November 7th, 2015. If you have heard this story from someone you know please try to get more information and help me get in contact with the witness.

On November 7th I was being tailgated really bad while driving home on Emerald st. I was driving my white Toyota T-100 and being followed by a green Saturn. I was following a red 4-door sedan that saw the whole thing. We turned on to Latah st and the driver of the Saturn started to pass me in the center median. I didn't realize it at the time, but he was so impatient he was passing me to make a left turn near his house. Startled at this behavior, I honked my horn at the guy in the Saturn. He pulled part of the way into his turn but then decided to pull back out on the road to chase me...

It is my belief that this man intended to follow me home and assault me. He was screaming out his window, flipping me off and going about 60mph on Latah to catch up with me. Just before I reached the railroad tracks at Latah and Alpine, I noticed we were coming up on an active school zone with children crossing. He still hadn't quite caught up with me yet and was about 150 feet away (more or less). I noticed that there were plenty of cars and witnesses in the area and didn't want this reckless behavior to continue in the school zone, so I stopped my truck just before the train tracks. The driver of the Saturn plowed right in to the rear end of my vehicle. The woman in the red sedan in front of me stopped and told and told me she had given a statement to the police, but the records division claims they cannot find this witness statement. Both me and the other driver were issued reckless driving tickets and I am attempting to fight mine in court. I am looking for the woman in the red sedan or any other witness that saw this accident. I don't really remember talking to the woman in the red sedan so I can't give much details about her - she could have been late 20's to 40's with brown hair, but I'm not sure.

Please help by sharing this post and telling this story to your friends. Maybe by some miracle this post will reach the person I am looking for.

If you did witness this, we would love to talk to you too and get your story.
Kevin Mee