This sounds good. A burger at McDonald's inspired by the state of Idaho, but you may have to use your flight miles to get it. 

So what is the Idaho Burger comprised of? According to the Idaho Statesman, it's basically a bacon burger with cheese sauce, onions, black pepper, garlic sauce, and a hashbrown to really bring the Idaho home. A breakfast version of the Idaho burger swaps out the hamburger for sausage.

Sounds delish right?! The problem is you have to go to McDonald's in Tokyo to get it. It's part of their American Deluxe Series.

A Texas burger was also made which is a burger with fried onions, bacon, two slices of melted cheddar, barbeque, on a three-stage bun.

We need to bring these burgers to the states! How can an Idaho burger exist and not be available in Idaho?!

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