Boise and the Treasure Valley is home to some incredible and unique eateries from restaurants to food trucks to drive thru's to patios. We have options and the options are great. If fact so great that sometimes it hard to narrow down a place to eat. So where do you go when you are craving a burger?

Love Food recently narrowed down "The Best Burger in Each State" they didn't exactly clarify how they came up with the results. While there are some top notch burgers I have tried and many more I still need to I am not disagreeing with their choice.

"Idaho: Cowboy, The Ranch, Boise
Consisting of a 4oz (113g) Scottish Highland beef patty, Cheddar, lettuce, ketchup and pickles, the Cowboy comes from a food truck on family-owned Big Valley Ranch. Open since 2010, The Ranch gets rave reviews for its fresh and flavorful meat. Burgers come with skin-on Idaho fries, which are also said to be excellent, and a drink."

I checked a few other places to see some other best burgers around town to try. According to submissions reviews from foursquare some of the best places to get burgers are at Fork in Downtown Boise, 10 Barrel Brewing, SmashBurger, Five Guys and The Habit Burger Grill.

Yelp reviews included massive positive reviews for burgers at Brothers Brown Underground,  Fork (again), The Ranch (winner from Love Food), Boise Fry Company and Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery.

So where do you think the best burger is?

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