If you haven't tasted the fresh, juicy, deliciousness of Habit Burger, you're missing out.  The first time I sunk my teeth into one of these babies was back in my Salt Lake City days.  I feel like there are quite a few of them out there and they're all very busy because it's so DANG GOOD but we have had nothing... nada... no no no here in Boise.  Until now.

Since moving to Boise more than three years ago, I haven't had a Habit Burger yet.  I know, I know, we have one at The Village in Meridian and there's also one in Nampa or if you're traveling through Twin Falls but for some reason, those locations haven't been the most convenient for me so I just haven't rewarded my taste buds by hitting one of these places up.

Well, TASTE BUDS, pucker up because Broadway Avenue is right next to work which is perfect.  According to Boise Dev, the new Habit Burger will be in the Popeye's Chicken building.  I know your next question.  What's happening to Popeye's?  Are they shutting that down?  Nope.  Popeye's and Habit are both owned by Elite Business Enterprises out of California.  So it'll be kind of like those KFC / A&W combos we see.

The city of Boise has already passed off on a $350,000 remodel construction plan that'll add to the Popeye's venue adding more square footage and changing things up to help both of these restaurants run efficiently.  No word yet on when construction will take place.

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