I'm not sure how your 2022 is going, but I'd be surprised if it's better than Caldwell's Sandralicia Martinez.

For most people, one accomplishment per year is more than sufficient. Things like getting a promotion at work, moving into a new place, buying a new car, leaving the Treasure Valley on vacation, or getting out of the grocery store for less than $400 all count. When you reflect on a particular year, those things jump out at you first.

For Sandralicia Martinez, picking the one thing that will stand out to her most about 2022 will be difficult. Imagine having a year in which you married your best friend, graduated from cosmetology school, and got pregnant with the couple's first child! But that's not all!

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Yesterday Sandralicia won $80,000 on the Idaho Lottery's Big Spin Game. The ultimate mic drop on an already unbelievable year. The Big Spin is a scratch game. If your ticket has a wheel symbol, you take a digital spin at an Idaho Lottery retailer. If that digital wheel lands on "Big Spin," you are qualified to spin the big wheel at Boise Towne Square.

Sandralicia bought her ticket at the Chevron on Highway 20/26 in Caldwell. When she discovered she had won the opportunity to spin the big wheel, she didn't think it was real. When asked what she would do with the money, she replied with the perfect five-word answer: "Baby needs a bigger house." $80,000 will certainly help. And if you ever wanted to know what good luck looks like, it must look like Sandralicia Martinez.

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