When the Idaho State Board of Education announced their decision to continue the soft-closure of schools across the state through the end of the school year, both teachers and students were heartbroken that they wouldn't physically be together again.

Most school districts have already transitioned to online learning, but we know that many teachers are looking for even more ways to support to the students they miss seeing in their classrooms. That's where we come in!

We're looking for educators and support staff who want to send a 45,000 watt radio shout-out and a few words of encouragement to their students! Below you'll find the steps on how to record your message and send it to us. As we get your messages, we'll play them back on the air so that your students and their families know just how much they mean to you.

Don't be shy! Give a shout out to the Class of 2020. Brag on a student athlete. Tell us about your class's biggest achievement this year. We want to hear (and play) it all!

1) Download the LITE-FM Mobile App Using the Box Below

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2) Open The Menu Inside the LITE-FM Mobile App

To do that, click the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner of the app once you open the main page of the app. We've circled it so you know what you're looking for!


3) Click Submit Photo/Video

Pretty self explanatory, but we've drawn a box around what you're looking for just in case.


4) Fill Out the Form

Make sure to fill in your name and e-mail address so we know which teachers have reached out!


5) Click Select and Submit Media Now


Pick "Record Short Audio Clip" to open the audio recorder. Hit record and a message that's up to 60 seconds long. Make sure you include the name that your students call you and what school you work at in the message. When you want to stop recording push done. When you're satisfied with your recording hit submit to send it to us.

Just so you know, the playback within our app is extremely soft, but it sounds just find on our end. You're doing everything right!

6) Listen to 107.9 LITE-FM

We'll send you a heads up when your message will air for the first time so you can shoot a note to your students or their parents!

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