Mom hacks save time and reduce stress, and the web has some great ones.  After you see these, you'll wonder why you didn't try them sooner.  

A lot of these slick hacks deal with babies and toddlers, but if your kids are past that stage it's still fun to watch and kick yourself for not discovering these genius ideas a few years earlier.

I really don't know how moms in 1500s and 1600s survived without the benefit of social media.  That must have so hard not being able to consult the web for potty training tips, advice on cold and flu symptoms, and sneaky ways to get kids in and out of shopping carts.  If they even had shopping carts back then.  Anyway, it's nice to be alive in the TikTok age.

I did a little searching and came across some of the best mom hacks on TikTok right now.  See what you think, and feel free to add yours.  I know you've got 'em!

Good Parenting Hacks On Tiktok:

An easier way to load your kids into the grocery cart.  Through the trap door!


No-mess finger painting.  This could be great for toddlers, yes, and also strangely therapeutic for adults who don't like messes. Spread the paint through the Ziploc barrier and there's no danger of getting paint on your light green shirt.

How to avoid hearing "Are we there yet" hundreds of times on a road trip.  Print the agenda!  A pre-printed list of cities you're traveling through will let the kids follow along as you go, and prove to them that no, we are not there yet.  Keep reading.

Oh, we love a good life hack.  If you're looking for more like these, just use #momhack and a bunch will come up.  Dads have plenty of them too, and that's a story for another day.

Keep them coming!

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