The library is a lifesaver for a busy mom.  It doesn't have roller coasters or French fries, but it keeps the kids entertained and intrigued, and that puts it on the must-do list. We have four reasons why the Garden City Library could be a highlight of your week.

It doesn't matter that story time only lasts 20 to 30 minutes and it probably takes longer to pack the diaper bag and snacks, get the kids loaded into the car, drive there, unload, deal with four tantrums along the way, and pinch your finger in the collapsible stroller while you're unloading.  It's an outing!  The library is a great destination point for pre-K kids who need to get aired off, and they have programs for older kids too.

I love the mission statement of the Garden City Public Library.  The mission "is to connect people with information."  If only everything else in life could be that simple!

I started taking my kids to the library when they were 2 years old.  Actually, I take that back. I remember the third child being propped up in an infant carrier while the two older ones sat in the story time semi-circle and listened to the Hungry Caterpillar, so I must have added her to the routine when she was about six months old. They grew up with books, and I give the library much credit for their As in school now that they're older.

The library has programs every week that entertain the kids and give moms an assist, and here are a few from Garden City's calendar.

4 Ways the Garden City Library Throws a Mom a Lifeline

1.  Play Hooray Babies.  It's a fun, interactive, 30-minute movement-and-music program for kids ages birth-23 months old and it's outside so be sure to take mats or towels to sit on. It's every other Monday and once you have a library card you can register HERE.

2.  Crafts for Grades K-2.  This is so great because it keeps the glue sticks out of our houses, moms.  The kids can embrace their inner Bob Ross or Martha Stewart, and moms don't have to pick up scraps of ribbon afterward, or pluck microscopic squares of glitter out of the cracks in the hardwood floors.  Thank you libraries, for so many things. You can register HERE once you have that library card.

3.  A Time For Kids.  This is an educational, movement and music program is for kids ages 2-5 and there's a craft involved here too.  Love clowns?  The theme next week (Thursday, October 6th) is "Happy Face Clown" that will be a good warm-up to see if you can make it through Halloween.  Register on Eventkeeper once you have a library card.

4.  Halloween Bingo for Tweens.  The "Tween Thursday" program is monthly, and in October it's set for Thursday the 7th.  The library said the program is for tweens in Grades 4-7 and is a joint program of the Children’s and Young Adult Departments. Teens in Grades 6 and 7 who complete an online survey after the program can receive community-service credit.  Register HERE once you have a library card.

Library cards are free, but you'll need one for most of the events and to check out books.  Mine are always in my handbag.

Oh, and moms, if you ever get a moment to yourself, they have chairs for nothing but sitting!  You can curl up there with a good book, or stare out the window and be one with your thoughts.  The library is helpful in so many ways.

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