When most people want to party, they invite people over to their house, head out to a bar or club, or perhaps even crash a function in a downtown Boise hotel. Shoot, we'll even throw in the forest at a camping site or by a lake as a potential spot for partying it up with friends. But, would you ever party in the middle of nowhere at a cave entrance?

Eureka Cave in Mountain Home

No, seriously... would you? It sounds like a terrible idea especially if this gathering were to take place in the evening. Eureka Cave is just under a house out from Boise and according to FreeArenas.com, it originally formed as a lava tube.

Whereas most people seek out the caves of Idaho to explore and hike, some people sought out this particular cave to shotgun some beers and... well, used an actual shotgun. At least that's what one person reported finding on Reddit upon visiting Eureka Cave.

by u/allyceexoxo from discussion Eureka Cave, Mountain Home
in Idaho

Again - who is partying at Eureka Cave, firing off shotgun shells? If this is in the middle of the night, were they goofing off, or were they trying to scare something away? They were partying at Eureka Cave's entrance after all... did something visit them in the middle of the night?

Let's take a look at one of the most bizarre places in Idaho where people partied.

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Adding to the aura of "NOPE" that is partying at Eureka Cave is what could happen or what you might find. Such is the case for one Idaho cave that actually is the site of a cold case. To this day, no one knows how a limbless torso wound up inside the cave.

Horrifying Discovery Made In An Idaho Cave Is Still Unexplained

Who was behind the horrific killing of a man that was then cut up into little pieces inside of an Idaho cave? Was he innocent himself?

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