As Fall approaches, many Idahoans and visitors are traveling Idaho's mountains for the beautiful Fall foliage we have here.

Curiosity leads people to ask about the tallest mountains and highest elevations in Idaho.

Before you scroll further for additional insights, can you guess the highest point in Idaho?

Fortunately, we don't have to scale these towering peaks ourselves to uncover this information; it's readily available. There's a List Wire article where they talk about the highest and lowest natural elevation points in each state, aiming to solve these geographical mysteries across the United States. Let's learn what they had to say about Idaho!

List Wire prompted us to ponder:

"What's the highest natural elevation in your state? What's the lowest? While the diverse topography of the United States offers plenty of marvels, it's not uncommon for people to stumble when answering these perplexing geographical questions. Is it a mountain? A hill? A body of water?"

So, what does Idaho's topography reveal?

Surprisingly, the highest point in Idaho is Borah Peak, towering at an impressive 12,662 feet.

Borah Peak | Coley Jones
Borah Peak | Coley Jones

On the other end of the spectrum, Idaho's lowest natural elevation can be found along the Snake River in Nez Perce County, measuring in at 710 feet above sea level.

Snake River in Nez Perce County | Ana Espinola-Arredondo
Snake River in Nez Perce County | Ana Espinola-Arredondo

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