Disc golf enthusiasts in the Treasure Valley have a new reason to celebrate as the Eagle Island State Park reveals its latest addition – an awesome 19th hole at the disc golf course.

Jeff S. | Treasure Valley Disc Golf on Facebook
Jeff S. | Treasure Valley Disc Golf on Facebook

This photo and posts on community Facebook groups have sparked a lot of new excitement to go check out and explore the new course updates.

One of the commenters asked, "Is the basket still in the same spot or did it move?" Jeff S. who posted the photo answered, "The normal basket is still there. This is an additional one about 100’ past it."

Disc golf, often referred to as frisbee golf, has been growing steadily in popularity across Idaho, and the Treasure Valley is no exception. The region's beautiful landscapes, including Eagle Island State Park's natural beauty, offer an ideal backdrop for this fun sport.

If you've been considering getting into disc golf, here are some of the benefits:

It's a low-cost sport, easily accessible, and while it might take some time, it's an easier sport to learn — perfect for all age groups and skill-levels. Also, there are many health benefits including physical exercise, social interaction, mental agility, and being part of a community among other players in the Treasure Valley.

Whether or not you play disc golf, we still encourage exploring and walking around Eagle Island State Park, especially this time of year. The scenery is breathtaking and the walks are beautiful, plus, there's not much time left to enjoy these kinds of scenic walks before it's too cold outside — winter is right around the corner.

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