National Signing Day is one of the most exciting days for sports fans, athletes, and of course the programs that sign the best prospects in the country.

An elite Pac-12 team (for now - they'll be joining the Big 10 in August 2024) did just that when they signed an Idaho athlete who has made a strong case for being the fastest man in Idaho and an athletic prodigy.

Idaho's Fastest Man Is Now An Oregon Duck

The Oregon football program is known for being one of the best in the country and on National Signing Day (2/7), they landed one of the country's most coveted recruits out of Burley, Idaho.

Five-star wide receiver, Bair Gatlin signed with the Oregon Ducks on National Signing Day and is arguably the fastest man in Idaho. Alabama, Boise State, Michigan, and TCU also tried to recruit the 6'1 Burley High School senior ultimately losing out to Oregon.

How fast is Gatlin?

According to, Gatlin clocked impressive times of 10.15 seconds for 100 meters and 20.47 seconds for 200 meters. says that no one in Idaho had ever clocked a 10.1 or even a 10.2. They also say that only seventeen high school athletes in the U.S. have ever broken 10.4 seconds in the 100 meter.

One scout says that Gatlin "will need to get stronger to beat press and calibrate athleticism to other elite athletes on a consistent basis."

But, that same scout also says the sky is the limit for Gatlin and that he "projects as a high-major impact player with long-term NFL Draft early-round potential."

It's unfortunate that Boise State couldn't land the five-star recruit at least he'll be representing Idaho during his time at Oregon and possibly the NFL in years to come.


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