If you don't think something is wrong with the dating world, perhaps you should take a look at social media. If you're not seeing anything, there's a good chance that we are simply connected to a lot of craziness out there.

But, most people would agree that technology has only hurt the dating world. Can there be some positives? Have some people had some success by dating online? Sure.

That doesn't mean the other side of the coin is as pretty.

All you have to do is look at all of the instances of fraud happening online in the form of catfishing.

So, what is someone to do when the bar scene isn't working or if apps are tricking people into getting into a catfish situation?

Hear us out: 30 and up bars.

Just think about it - you're not likely to see as many TikTok-influencer types and you might even encounter people who can communicate face to face.

Remember when we would go out to bars and didn't have smartphones? You actually had to make plans and you had to let everyone know individually if you were making it.

Also, the dancefloors almost seemed busier and people had to work on their pick-up lines or how they would approach someone they were interested in.

Is Boise ready for a 30 and up bar? Let's take a deeper dive at what it could mean and we invite you to let us know your thoughts here.

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