School is officially out (for most kids) and summertime fun is on the horizon. Our kids cranked out another school year full of projects, homework, and testing.

But, could the adults pull off the work that their kids did this year?

School isn't what we grew up with

It might not have been that long ago but school was a lot different for most of us back in the day. Technology, especially cell phones, was nowhere near the level that they are today.

Back then, kids had to be creative in how they cheated on their tests. Some kids did the ol' bandaid trick (writing the answers super small on the inside of a bandaid), others had signals (like coughing) with other students to get through a quiz together, and some kids even opened up their books to study.

What a concept.

But, how would some of us fare in the education system today? Do we have what it takes to pass the standardized testing our kids must pass?

We pulled ten questions from ISAT from all around the web including a teacher's PowerPoint study guide. How many of them can you answer correctly?

POP QUIZ: Are You Smarter Than An Idaho 5th Grader?

Are you smarter than an Idaho 5th grader? Try to answer some of these sample questions and see for yourself!

Don't worry, there's no judgment here...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

How are we feeling about our testing results? Would you have passed? Don't be ashamed, things are different these days!

Besides, what if our education system is failing our kids? What are some of the subjects that they should really be learning? Here are some subjects you suggested our schools start teaching our kids...

8 Subjects Idaho Schools Need To Teach For The Upcoming Year

While we love and support our teachers, the people of Boise have strong opinions on the things our Idaho schools should be teaching our students. What would you add to the list for kids to learn in the 2023-2024 school year?

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These 15 School Districts Have the Highest Graduation Rates in Idaho

Based on numbers from the Idaho State Department of Education, these school districts had the highest four-year graduation rates for the Class of 2022. It's worth noting that all of these districts have a total student population of less than 900.

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