Congratulations are in order for Dolly and Spud! 

Earlier today, Zoo Boise shared the news that the happy couple welcomed a pair of fraternal twin cubs a little over two weeks ago. It's the second litter Dolly and Spud have welcomed together. Their previous set of twins, Joanie and Jerry, were born on June 19, 2019.

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Like their bother and sister, the naming rights to these cuties will be auction off at Zoobliee, the zoo's annual gala, on August 27. Right now, they're spending most of their time in the den with Dolly so you might not see them on display right away. As the get a little older and start feeling more confident, they'll wander out into the exhibit with their parents.

According to the Zoo Boise's post, every red panda arrival at the zoo is a reason to celebrate because their residents are part of the Red Panda Species Survival Plan. The program's goal is to match up couples like Dolly and Spud, so that they mate and help increase the number of healthy red pandas since the species is endangered.

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Over the past few months, Zoo Boise has experienced a bit of a baby boom! They announced the birth of a baby anteater, Avery, in January. Three new and absolutely adorable sand cats kittens, Billy, Jimmy and Robby were born in early April. Magellanic penguin couple, Jimmy and Rose, welcomed their second chick together on May 21. We don't know it's name or gender yet, but we know it's absolutely adorable!

Congrats to all of the happy animal parents at Zoo Boise!

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