I got in this morning to find a big mess in the kitchen at the station.  Sometime during the night someone tried to make coffee, or the made the coffee and walked off expecting things to be fine.  With the coffee makers here, if you don't get it in the right position, you will have about a gallon and a half of coffee all over the floor, counter, coffee maker and that's what I walked in to.

Now, I don't drink coffee unless it's disguised as chocolate, so I don't make coffee, I'm not drinking it so you make it for yourself. So I went around and asked "did you make coffee this morning?"  Every person had the same answer, "no not today."  Then I asked it they had seen the mess in the kitchen and once again the answer was "no."

I went about cleaning up the mess, whichht took about two whole rolls of paper towels and headed to the studio.  No I did not start a new pot of coffee, one disaster a morning is enough.  But I found it interesting that not a single person who was in the building and had to walk right past the kitchen didn't see or know a thing.  I felt like I was working with ka bunch of 9 year olds.

So no matter how old you are or where you work, there are parents and there are kids and usually there are alot more kids than parents.  Here's an interesting question, are you a parent at work or a kid?

Kevin Mee

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