The top cars of 2021 get good gas mileage, they're reliable, and for the most part, they're affordable.  See if your car made the list.  

Consumer Reports posted the top cars of 2021, saying they're the ones that meet the "highest standards for performance, safety, reliability, and more."

They don't give it a random stab in the dark to decide what cars might be good ones, and it's not just because they look good on paper.  The researchers at Consumer Reports say they put the vehicles through several performance tests and more than 250 vehicles compete every year to make it on the ten-best list.  This is what they came up with.

Top Ten Best Cars of 2021

Small Car: Toyota Corolla

Subcompact SUV: Mazda CX-30

Hybrid: Toyota Prius

Midsized Sedan: Toyota Camry

Small SUV: Subaru Forester

SUV/Wagon: Subaru Outback

Midsized Three-Row SUV: Kia Telluride

Compact Pickup Truck: Honda Ridgeline

Midsized SUV: Lexus RX

Electric Car: Tesla Model 3

These are the vehicles that got the highest scores for reliability and owner satisfaction, and the Tesla Model 3 was the award winner for being the greenest.

Several carmakers have said they have plans to go green over the next few years and become all-electric.  More change to deal with, I know!  We've had a lot to adjust to in the past year and there's more coming.  The existing car manufacturers will be making more electric vehicles over the next 5 to 10 years, and new names will pop up like Byton, Lordstown, and Rivian.  Some of the new hybrids and all-electric vehicles are going to cost six figures, but as is the case with most technology, the sticker shock could wear off after a while and the price could come down. Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla might be more budget-friendly.

We'll watch for you on I-84.

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