If you live in Idaho, you live for the outdoors. You live for the wildlife and the scenery. Sure, you may live in suburbia and work in the city, but you're all about the outdoors at your core. You live here for the lifestyle. You might have friends that have been working from home since March. Maybe you even spent some time working from home, but you're back in a real office now. You work for the weekend when you can finally get back to doing what you love.

If you get homesick for the outdoors, technology might be your best friend. Technology and the outdoors! You didn't think those two things would go together. Thanks to that glorious combination, there are plenty of ways for you to connect with your home away from home. And you can do that even while you spend time in your home at home or your office.

Several cameras will help you check in on some of your favorite locations across Idaho. If you need to connect with nature and you can't get outside, pick your spot and be instantly and virtually transported to some of the most beautiful places in Idaho.

The Sawtooth Mountains from Stanley

Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains

Teton Mountains from Driggs

MK Nature Center Fish Cam

If you know of any other webcams that show Idaho wildlife or the fantastic scenery in our state, let us know. We would love to add them to this list.  The more local nature, the better!

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