While we're certainly looking forward to the return of Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy, to ABC's T.G.I.T. (are they still calling it that after Scandal got canceled?) we're secretly loving the trivia game shows that are currently occupying their time slots! 

When Jeopardy! hosted their "Greatest of All Time" tournament, I got really into it. In fact, I loved how much grief Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter gave each other during the tournament that I ended up following all three of them on Twitter. Long after Ken Jennings won the title, the three of them continue to through social media digs at each other whenever they can. So naturally ABC that the reunited for ABC's revival of The Chase, I was all about it.

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The trivia game show is so fast paced, so exciting...and so frustrating if you're someone like me. Hubby's pretty good at the show. Me? Not so much. Week in and week out, the only questions I seem to get right during the "Cash Builder" and "Final Chase" rounds are music related.

Ironically, the Jeopardy! greats don't always come out on top either! Each of them has been the chaser twice. Holzhauer and Rutter have each won once and lost once. Jeopardy's G.O.A.T., Jenningshas lost in the final chase both times he was in the hot seat.

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I wonder how they would do if they were give all Idaho related questions! We live in Idaho and still struggled with some of these clues that have appeared on Jeopardy! over the years.

Grab a pen. Number a sticky note 1-20 and see how many you get right!

Only A Genius Could Get All 20 of these Idaho Jeopardy Questions Right