If your allergies haven't already made you aware, another sure sign that spring is here has happened as the Nampa and Meridian Irrigation District has filled the canals for the year.

The expectation is that we will experience a full irrigation season thanks to the above average snow pack (and given the high river run and potential flooding, that makes perfect sense).

The district opened the canal system on April 3rd and will be checking for leaks and any issues through the end of the week.  They say they anticipate full service being ready by April 17th.

Connell - Irrigation 3

The irrigation canals do mean there is a chance for drowning for adults and children alike, and the District reminds us to have conversation with our kids ensuring they know the dangers and not to play around the canals.

One thing to remember, the canals are technically private property, so if you are in the water or along the banks, that is trespassing.

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