Did you get an Instant Pot for Christmas and it's still sitting in a box? This is a great reason to FINALLY get it out of the box. 

Instant Pot fear is a real thing.  I'd thought about buying one for the longest time and was too scared to spend the money on it.  When I hit a landmark birthday last year, one of my girlfriends surprised me with one as a gift.  After seeing all the yummy things my running teammates had made with their electric pressure cookers I was SOOOO excited to finally have my own! And then it sat in a box for weeks.

When I finally worked up the nerve to try it out, I picked out what looked like the easiest chili recipe on the internet.  I went to the Albertsons across the street from our apartment and gathered up my ingredients.  When I went to cash out, my cashier asked me what I was making and I proudly told her I was finally brave enough to try Taco Ranch Chicken Chili in my Instant Pot. She then promptly went on to tell me the story of another costumer who had his wife's pot blow up in his face when he was cooking with it. Great.

I sucked it up and the chili rocked. I'm so glad that I finally overcame my fears.  If you need a little nudge to overcome yours, mark February 27 on your calendars! Idaho Press called "Instant Pot Cooking School" on Facebook over the weekend. According to the event description, Instant Pot newbies and vets alike are invited to join a team of Instant Pot expert to learn how to make make delicious, healthy and fast recipes at the Nampa Civic Center.

Tickets for the event go on sale on Friday, January 25 and are expected to be in the $20 range. Check out the event page for the latest updates!

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