As a Treasure Valley parent, you're always looking for fun things to do with the kids. Thankfully the Boise area has a lot to offer for families, which is just one reason it always makes the list of great places to live. My family enjoys the Boise Aquarium, Zoo Boise, Roaring Springs, and we all miss Grinkers.

A new family attraction is now open in Boise. DirtKart Boise is an indoor dirt go-kart track. If you've experienced go-kart racing, you know how fun it can be and especially when your kids are racing against you, and you get to show off your skills behind the wheel. When you add dirt to the track, it makes the karts a lot more interesting to drive.

The Boise location is the third for DirtKart, which owns locations in Spokane and Post Falls. The new site is at Cole and Victory. The hours are super flexible, from 10am to 10pm. Cost starts at $20 per race, but you need to buy the headstock, which is $5. Each race is 25 laps. According to their website, they don't have a minimum age requirement. Still, they do have a minimum height requirement of 54 inches to reach the pedals.

Having spent an entire day go-kart racing with my kids, I can tell you that it really is a lot of fun. I haven't raced on dirt, so that is an entirely different element that DirtKart is bringing to town. If you have kids that are into cars or racing, this might be a fun birthday party.

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