If you're missing summer, then book passage on the "Mee at Sea" cruise.  While the rest of the Treasure Valley will be facing what should be really wet, cool days, those of us on the cruise will be facing 85 degrees, slight breezes, sunshine, and a whole hoop of fun.

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One of the first things Brenda does is get our room set up. The beauty of a cruise is you unpack once for the week and yet go to different places. You also get your room completely cleaned twice a day. The only sad part is when you have to go home.

If you've never been on a cruise, this is the best way to go. With a group cruise, you will always have someone who knows what path to lead you down.  In my case, it's usually something that causes Brenda to go "you did what?"

If you tried to do everything available on a cruise ship, you wouldn't sleep for the whole week.  There literally isn't enough time to take everything in, so one of the first things you really learn to do is let it go and relax. From the moment the ship leaves dock, you really do find a sense of aaahhhh. It's an experience that is like no other, especially when it's shared with friends.

Along with the ship, we will stop at three fun ports and do anything from just strolling along shopping to adventures, it's all up to you.  That's the fun of a cruise, it's up to you, especially on NCL.  With NCL, you also aren't bound by having to eat dinner at specific times, you go when you want. At night there is nothing like the sound of the sea as you drift off to sleep.

You have until December 18th to get the "Mee at Sea" cruise booked. I'm not writing this as an ad for the cruise, but as a last chance for you to really experience a vacation where you are pampered and the price is unbeatable. This is just one of those chances that don't happen that often.

Kevin Mee