Ever see those stories that say "Tropical Town Will Pay Idahoans $10,000 to Move There" and say it's too good to be true? Those jobs really do exist and an Idahoan is in the running to land one of those dream jobs! 

If Ivan Nanney looks a little familiar to you, it's because he's spent many hours on the road with the most famous spud in the United States, the Famous Idaho Potato Truck. That job, a semester abroad in Spain and a back packing trip across Europe led him to get into doing some travel blogging and making YouTube videos about his adventures.  That's part of the reason why his friends sent him the viral job posting for the "Cancun.com CEO" position.

Thousands of people applied for the job that would pay $10,000 a month for six months and put you up in a tropical paradise. The requirements? Create some amazing tourist content for the website like videos, blog posts and social media posts. Of course, to generate that content, you have to experience everything Cancun has to offer right? Everything from climbing 3,000 year old pyramids to swimming with whale sharks is on the agenda.

Ivan's made the top 50 and needs your votes! Check out why this job is so important to him and give a fellow Idahoan a vote by clicking on his profile and casting a vote HERE. Think of it this way, it's too late for you to apply for the dream job, so why not help a fellow potato lover nail it? Voting for this round ends Saturday so don't wait!

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