It breaks my heart to see my husband cringe every time I fill out a form or sign a credit card receipt.

No, he's not cringing at how much money I spent. (The man just bought a $400 Batman costume for Halloween, I'm golden on not getting any crap for what I buy for a while.) He's cringing because I'm still signing my maiden name.  In no way, shape or form is he making me take his last name.  It's something that I want to do.  We agreed that doing immediately after the wedding wasn't a great idea because I had flights booked under my maiden name in mid-September. The goal was to move forward with the name change after my trip.

Well, unfortunately my trip ended in the middle of whatever software nightmare is plaguing the DMVs in Ada and Canyon Counties.  According to KTVB, the Idaho Transportation Department rolled out a "temporary fix" for problems they've been experiencing since a computer system upgrade that completely closed DMV offices for two days in early August. Forgive us for saying this, but the "fix" doesn't seem to be working since people are reporting wait times of 3-4 hours!

The last thing I want to do is burn half a vacation day to try and get my new ID, but it doesn't look like the wait times are going to shrink any time soon! My friend Amanda, who was also recently married, breezed her way through the Social Security Office only to get to the DMV and be told that they were no longer accepting new costumers for the day. She went back on Wednesday and the system was down again, but after three hours she was eventually able to get her new license.

Our friend Brent has been at the DMV for two hours this morning and is #487. He posted on Facebook about an hour ago that they're currently serving #3.

Because of delays like this, KTVB explained the Owhyee County DMV in Marsing has seen an increase of people coming from Ada and Canyon Counties in hopes to move through the process more quickly. For many, the drive has been worth the shorter lines.

Someone help me! Which DMV should I try my luck at next?! I'm tired of watching my husband frown and having my incredibly hard to pronounce maiden name. I've got to resolve this quickly because I have flights to book for Christmas vacation!

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