We love Idaho. In fact, there are few places in Idaho we would compare to "hell on Earth." DMVs in the Treasure Valley are those places. 

It's been nearly two years and I'm still upset that I had to give up not one, but two of my company holidays to get my name changed. Now, I'll admit my timing was awful. While we were on our honeymoon, DMVs across the state were melting down as ITD tried to update a forty year old mainframe server. The new vendor software failed, preventing DMV offices from issuing new licenses for a week. The backlog got so bad that ITD recommended that the sheriff's offices who operate the DMVs close until the problems were resolved. That backlog snowballed, getting worse and worse every month. Securing an appointment was the only way to get in and out, but they were booked out months in advance.

Things have improved a lot since then, especially with more DMV services being available online, but there are certain things you still have to go in person for. Name changes? Gotta be there. Upgrading to the Star Card? Gotta bring all of your documents.

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Whether you're at the DMV in person or renewing online, it's about to get more expensive. House Bill 161 goes into effect next Thursday, July 1 and that raises a bunch of different fees at DMV. The additional revenue is allocated to operating costs, wages and other expenses for the DMVs.

Here's how the new fees will impact your wallet:

  • Instruction Permit: Was $15, Now $20
  • Endorsement Knowledge Test: Was $3, Now $5
  • Additional Endorsement: Was $15, Now $20
  • 1 Year License (Under 18): Was $15, Now $20
  • 3 Year License (Under 18): Was $25, Now $30
  • 1 Year License (20 years old): Was $15, Now $20
  • 3 Year License (18-21): Was $25, Now $30
  • 4 Year License (21+): Was $30, Now $35
  • 8 Year License (21-62 years old): Was $55, Now $60
  • 4 Year ID Card (21+): Was $10, Now $15
  • 8 Year ID Card (21+): Was $20, Now $25
  • Duplicate License or ID Card: Was $15, Now $20
  • Classification Change/Upgrade: Was $25, Now $30
  • Seasonal License: Was $39, Now $44

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If you do have to take care of any of these things in person, there's some good news. There are appointments up for grabs! Ada County has got them as early as today and plenty for the weeks to come. Canyon County has them today...but then none available again until July 12.

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