As a challenging year in so many ways continues into the holidays, many have turned to alcohol to cope with the stress. Our kids are learning at home, our jobs have sent us home, and without the interaction with other adults, it's easy to fall into a depression fueled by the loneliness that can't be cured by even the most hectic schedule of Zoom meetings., a website dedicated to alcohol abuse treatment, has done a study to determine the most popular holiday drink in each state. First, can I just say that I think that it's probably in bad taste for a website run by the specialists at the American Addiction Centers to be doing a study glorifying the choice of drink in each state? At least this quote was included in their press release, even if it seems out of place:

"This year has presented a great deal of challenges for many, and the idea of indulging in a holiday cocktail is something people are looking forward to," said Theresa Dunaway, director of nursing at Oxford Treatment Center and spokesperson for "But safety must be kept in mind. There are more alcohol-related accidents during the holiday season than during any other time of the year..."

That said, we do have the information. Regardless of where it came from, it is interesting to note that the most popular holiday drink across the Gem State is Eggnog, followed by Whiskey and a Hot Toddy. Most adults drink $31 worth of alcohol over Christmas Day.


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