A travel and adventure website called Love Exploring put together 'Every state's best-value motel' For Idaho a picturesque perfect cabin lodge in Loman won. The Sourdough Lodge.

The article highlighting this as the top value motel in the gem state says, "The main motel rooms are clean and cozy, while the restaurant serves classic mountain fare like brisket, fried green beans, huckleberry pie and its signature sourdough pancakes – perfect after days spent exploring the surrounding trails. There are also cabins and spaces for RVs, making it pretty much the perfect road-trip stop. Oh, and there are hot springs just a short drive away, too."

The adventures are nearly endless all around you. The Lodge website says, "Idaho has stunning scenery, and many trails, you will soon find yourself in one of the most beautiful areas in the West. Our great wilderness contains many wild animals, and a variety of game and song birds. With two hot springs within ten miles of the Sourdough, it is a great place to stay when looking for a warm experience."

Check out everything that the Sourdough Lodge has to offer including the views, restaurant, store, and lodging options. To see more amazing and memorable Idaho staycation and motel / hotel options keep scrolling.

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Check out The Sourdough Lodge in Loman Idaho. Named Idaho's 'best-value motel' With private rooms and cabins available with gorgeous mountain views and hot springs and adventure nearby.


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