When it's a balmy 20º on the way to work, it's tough to picture yourself floating around the Endless River at Roaring Springs. But at these two indoor water parks? The pool party never ends! 

As last year came to a close, were you kicking yourself realizing that you let way too many vacation days go to waste? You worked hard for that time off and it should've been filled with some epic adventures! This year, make a promise to yourself that you'll sit down and map out how to maximize those vacation days.

Perhaps you'll burn one of those vacation days over a long weekend so you can take the family to check one of these incredible indoor water parks! We say make a weekend out of it because both of these parks are far enough from Boise that you really can't make a day trip out of it but both parks are fantastic and worth it.

Silver Rapids in Kellog is Idaho's largest indoor waterpark and is about a 7.5-hour drive from Boise. Right now they're open seven days a week, but there are some high occupancy days like Saturdays and holidays that are reserved solely for people who've booked a lodging reservation through Silver Mountain or Morning Star Lodge. On other days of the week, you're able to pre-purchase day passes if they're available.

Raptor Reef in Hayden is about a half-hour closer to Boise. They're open seven days a week to anyone who wants to make the drive and splash with them. If you do want to make a night of it, they are attached to a 95 room hotel.

As for the attractions each park offers? They've got a few in common and more that are unique to each park. Scroll through the photos to take a look around before you plan your adventure!

Idaho's 2 Incredible Indoor Waterparks Must Be On Your Winter Bucket List

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