A hairline fracture here. A really bad stomach ache there. Minor medical issues can add up. Fast. Don't believe us? Taking a look at Idaho's medical debt may change your mind.

There are 50 nifty United States, and Idaho ranks among the top when it comes to having the most medical debt. It's so bad that only seven states on average have it worse than Idahoans.

Per the Consumer Protection Bureau, Idaho's average medical debt sits right around $2,800. That's way way higher than the lowest state's (Massachusetts) average at $975.

So what's the deal?

Idaho has a lot of people in the two demographics who are currently getting the worst of it when it comes to medical debt: People who fall into the middle-class based on their income, and senior citizens.

Luckily, a large percentage of Idahoans aren't affected by medical debt. Even though on average, Idaho's medical debt is high, only about 13% of residents report having some kind of medical debt to pay off. That number is less than half across the border in Washington, where less than 5% of citizens have medical debt.

Are you having doctor and hospital bills stacking up? How bad is it looking? Let's connect on Facebook and see how accurate these numbers are.

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