We continue to live through what will surely be times that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be learning about in World History class. This isn't the kind of historical times that are fun to read about either. I can only imagine my great-grandchildren struggling to keep their eyes open during this section of their class at Boise High. We will look back on these times and be grateful for what we learned, but we will wish that the cost wasn't so high. We will remember being stuck at home with our families and how the things that we thought were cute about our partners became annoying pretty quickly. Shows that we enjoyed became shows that we were sick of watching, and eventually, we all tuned the news out.

I don't tune out of the news because I'm not interested or because I don't think that the information is valuable. I didn't tune even out when I wasn't sure if it was accurate. I tuned out because I didn't want to hear people say things like "the new normal" and "these unprecedented times."

Those phrases alone make me reach for the Pepto, and as it turns out, I'm not alone. PR Pioneer did a survey to find out what Idaho's most hated pandemic phrases are. They use this information to aid their clients when putting together press releases to avoid these hot button sayings.

According to the research, Idaho's most hated pandemic phrases include "flattening the curve," "outbreak," "super-spreader," "anti-vaxxer," and "the 'rona."

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