Here in Idaho, the lottery is a very important thing. Of course, the lottery serves several purposes--and all of them are valid. First, the lottery is fun and Idahoans love to play--you could argue there is potential for being a little addictive for some, but who doesn't love money? The Idaho lottery PAYS as we have seen, time and time again--real Idahoans are winning money from the many popular games. Of course, with all of the money that it rakes in, it's important to note as well that the Idaho Lottery cashes out local schools. In fact, since 1989, the Idaho Lottery claims that it has given away over $961 million--funding public schools!

Let's talk about what everyone loves, however-- the jackpot.

Various games have various jackpots--of many different sizes. If you recall about a year ago, there were talks of the Powerball game leaving Idaho-- the public panicked and state officials made sure it did not go anywhere.

Now, an Idaho specific game has returned: the $1 Million raffle.

Idahoans can stop by any local gas station, grocery store, or Idaho Lottery retailer and pick one of these tickets up to take their stab at winning $1 million and it is simply one of Idaho's most popular games.  It happens once a year and only 250,000 tickets are sold-- it sells out every year.

Want to get your hands on a million bucks? You're going to need a raffle ticket and you're going to need to buy yours fast. They are $10 each--and it only takes one to win!

Where should you buy yours? Here's a look at Idaho's "luckiest" places: 

15 Luckiest Lottery Locations in the Treasure Valley

With a third weekly draw added to the Powerball, jackpots are getting bigger faster and lottery fever is growing! If you believe where you buy your tickets matters, these are fifteen Idaho Lottery retailers that have cranked at least one, if not multiple, winners of $100,000 or more!

13 Idaho Lottery Scratch Tickets With Huge Prize Jackpots Remaining

This list is up to date as of October 21, 2022!

What Idahoans would do first if they won the $1,000,000 Idaho lottery...

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