Spring is in the air and we've already had some fairly warm days.  If you're looking to get outside and enjoy nature, here's one way you and your family can enjoy some of the Northwests most amazing waterfalls...and they're all here in Idaho.

You know my affinity for Shoshone Falls, just outside Twin Falls. I've shared many videos and live cam shots over the years it truly is spectacular! It's not the only super cool waterfall in our state and with Spring run off already starting due to warmer weather, it will soon be peak season to visit some of these Idaho waterfalls.

As the weather warms, mountain snows melt and begin pouring into streams, rivers, and tributaries, some of which are part of some of the state and Northwest's most amazing waterfalls

With that in mind and in partial thanks to Only In Your State, here are seven Idaho waterfalls you should add to your bucket list this season. The great news? They're all within a couple hours drive from Boise! If you wanted to make a day trip out of it, you could hit a bunch of these all in one day!

Here is a bonus water fall to start our list. It's well known to locals and it's the closest to Boise:

Jump Creek Falls - This one is local and well-known for good reason. From the parking area outside of Marsing, it's an easy hike and there's a decent swimming hole at the bottom of the falls.

  1. Perrine Coulee Falls - With a height close to 200 feet, this waterfall is one of the tallest in the state. You can even walk behind it!
  1. Twin Falls - If you haven't already, you have to visit the waterfall that gave the city of Twin Falls its name. Unfortunately, there is now only one waterfall because of the dam, but it is still a must-see.
  1. Shoshone Falls - Shoshone is obviously the most popular waterfall in Idaho and often referred to as the Niagara of the West. However, you may be surprised to know that these famous falls are actually taller than Niagara!
  1. Thousand Springs Waterfalls - Located in Hagerman, Thousand Springs State Park is full of waterfalls and springs bursting from the canyon walls. It's easily a day trip and one well worth checking out.
  1. Cauldron Linn - Not many people are aware of this 40-foot wide waterfall in Twin Falls County. It's great to visit in the spring because the melting snow causes a rise in the water level.


  1. Bridal Veil Falls - This spot is easily accessible as it is located within Shoshone Falls Park. It's breathtaking fall plummets around 40 feet into the Snake River canyon.

For a complete list of waterfalls in Twin Falls County: https://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/Idaho/County/Twin-Falls

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