Be honest, how much time have you wasted at work watching all of the great police department lip sync videos?

We tried to track down exactly where the viral challenge of police departments from across the United States started and so far, we've been able to track it back as far as the Aubrey Police Department in Texas.  The concept is pretty simple.  Grab your fellow officers and make a lip sync video that shows that the department is as committed to being a fun part of the community as they are to keeping the streets free of crime and danger.

Some videos have pulled in over 10 million views! As far as we know, the Norfolk Police Department is leading the way with over 33 million views of their "Uptown Funk" video.  Corinth PD, who issued the challenge to Norfolk, has about 12 million views on their "Party in the USA" video.

The videos have been a blast to watch, but we've all been wondering which Idaho department would step up to the challenge first.  After a cryptic message to Maggie O'Mara at Channel 7, we fully expected Nampa PD (who already went viral with their awesome Kenny Chesney concert advisory last week) and their rumored "Danger Zone" video.  However, their fellow officers with the Idaho State Police beat them to the punch! Holly, who works at ISP sent over this fun video! Well done ISP!

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