We’re sure that you’ve seen plenty of Idaho State Police Trooper cars in your day, usually out of the corner of your eye while you’re cruising down I-84.

While that might be where you see them the most, these troopers do A LOT more than just sit around waiting to give you a speeding ticket. 

They’re making drug busts and keeping dangerous substances out of our community. They help bring kids home to safety in AMBER Alert situations. They step in to save lives in situations where people are thinking of taking their own lives. They’ll chase fugitives…sometimes by car and other times, by foot. 

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As you can imagine, being an Idaho State Police Trooper is a physically demanding job. In order to become part of the force, you have to pass a Physical Fitness Test. That test isn’t a one-time thing. According to the Idaho State Police’s website, troopers are required to take the test on a semi-annual basis, once in the spring and once in the fall. 

It consists of five different events and if you fail one part of it, you fail the whole test. So how tough is the test? Do Idaho State Police Troopers have to complete feats of strength like a Spartan Race or run a marathon?

Not exactly, but we did find the requirements for the test, the minimum standard the troopers have to hit in each event, how each event applies to their work as a trooper and how much recovery time they get between each part of the test. 

Think you’re tough enough to pass? Here’s a look at what it takes!

Are You Strong Enough to Pass the Idaho State Police Physical Exam?

According to the Idaho State Police's website, these are the five tests that troopers have to complete as part of their physical exam and the standards they must hit.

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