After seventy-one citations/written warnings, fourteen arrests, one for misdemeanor battery, and other health code violations, Idaho's tent city has ended.

Check Out The Idaho State Police Inspecting Tent City

Idaho State Police work to eliminate illegal activity at the homeless protest surrounding the Idaho Statehouse.

Thanks to the diligence of the Idaho State Police, who meticulously patrolled the 'protest area,' our state's blight is finally over. What began on January 17 of this year as a protest against the lack of affordable housing in Boise ended with ISP Officers and volunteers from the Interfaith Sanctuary removing the tents and other paraphernalia.



A hazardous clean-up crew wearing their hazardous uniforms cleaned and searched the site. The tents were located near the state's September 11 Memorial on W. Jefferson Street between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets. No one was there to meet the officers, volunteers, or clean-up crew members.

The Capitol Mall is scheduled for seasonal maintenance, which was the reason for removing the tents of the protest. The protestors did draw the attention of the Idaho Liberty Dogs, who visited the site urging the protestors to live on the capitol grounds. No one was injured during their visit to the capitol grounds.

The issue of affordable housing is a serious one that has been discussed but ignored by public officials, private developers, and business leaders. The protest was flawed since the city of Boise had nothing to do with code enforcement on the capitol grounds.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean pledged to make affordable housing her major focus during her campaign for mayor. So far, she, and others, have been unsuccessful in finding Idahoans affordable housing.

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