As Governor Brad Little gets settled into his new chair in the Governor's Office, he is wasting no time getting to business.  So far this year, he's actually garnered some really healthy and to be honest, impressive bipartisan support on his work. Be it extending mental health care to first responders or shutting down a widely unpopular voting initiative via veto--Governor Brad Little has gotten right to business.

Along with these large, "thirty-thousand foot view" concepts going on in the state government, there too are some smaller yet equally important bills that Governor Brad Little has signed--one of which was just last week.

You know those stop signs that pop out from a school bus when they stop? Yeah. Those mean...STOP.  If you don't, your fine is going UP.

The fine for a first time offense has gone from $100 to $200 and jumps to $600 on your third. Clearly, nobody should be intentionally blowing these things off--they're meant to protect children. A fraction of the money collected from fines is actually going to go towards cameras that will be installed on school busses and no--they're not for the kids. These will aim to further enforce those running the stop signs.


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