Only sixty-four percent of people in America have been counted so far, but Idaho is a little ahead of the census curve so far.  If you don't respond, someone will come knocking on your door to count you.

Filling out the Census form only takes five minutes, and it could mean millions of dollars for the Treasure Valley.  It's our chance to impact the population numbers on road signs, so let's do this.  The mailers went out in mid-March, but since that might have gotten lost underneath the piles of toilet paper that we were buying at the time, the web might be the way to go at this point.  You can see the questionnaire HERE.

Responses are required by law so it's not optional!  Plus population numbers affect funding for things around Boise.  We can help bring in more money for the area by filling it out.

It took me a few minutes to fill out the online form, and they didn't ask for any info that's not already in our heads.  There's no looking up ID numbers or codes or logins, or anything else that's a slight pain.  It's just a matter of filling in your name and address, and the names and ages of people who live with you.  It's a cinch.  And if you don't do it, they'll stay on your case until you do, with follow-up letters and texts, and maybe a visit.

At last check, Idaho was ahead of the rest of the U.S. with responses so far.  The national response rate was about 64 percent, and about 69 percent of Idahoans had already sent back the form.  Yay us.

How much has Boise grown?  We won't know unless we all fill out the form.  They'll release the results in early 2021.

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